Tealoni LaVonne Butler 

Tealoni LaVonne Butler (b. Jersey City, NJ) is a New York based visual artist. She enjoys telling the story of her first experience as an artist, in middle school, where she won the award 'Most Likely to Succeed as a Producer'. She held the position as a segment producer and anchor for her school's TV production show. This is where she realized she wanted to pursue a career in visual arts. Tealoni went on to refine her skills by studying at Parsons School of Design where she received a BFA in Photography. It was here that she developed her unique voice through exploring her identity in self-portraits and performance.
Inspired by her imaginative faculty, soulfulness and intimacy her work is rooted in nostalgia.

Tealoni is now a video editor at HYPEBEAST and remains active in her personal work.

Contact: tearyeyedangelll@gmail.com
IG: @tearyeyedangelll

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